About Us


imitera is an XR Company, focusing on Mixed Reality. imitera plans to release several titles during 2018, starting off with a chess game. Mixed Reality will have a huge impact on our perception of reality and imitera plans to have a stake in developing this new future.

John Nilsson, CEO

John is a creative and innovative person, who thinks out of the box by default. Currently he is also Creative Technology Director at Brighter, working on spreading the word about their ”Diabetes as a Service”-device, the Actiste. He has made a full sized interactive virtual version of the Actiste, which comes alive using your regular smartphone/device. John sees this as a perfect way to display and even test products and gather user data, before a product is finished, potentially saving a lot of money during development. He is not new to the technology, as he has used it to display his jDome-screen on his business card since 2012.

John has a background as a Systems Engineer (15+ years) and has been a consultant at companies such as Siemens-Elema, Nordea, Eniro and Ericsson.

Sebastian Östlund, CTO

Sebastian has 6 years of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and has invaluable knowledge in software development, crucial to good design for the future of mixed reality. Sebastian has worked with John on new ventures since 2015.


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