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We do what we are called! Imitating reality by creating professional VR and AR experiences is our passion.  

Do you want to build relationships through engaging and authentic experiences in a virtual environment to reach more potential customers or to collaborate effectively in your team? 

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of our platform for XR solutions?

We make unique VR & MR experiences

to create shared memories

Virtuella showrooms – En plats för verkliga upplevelser

We created our multi-user platform, Slipstream, because we love interactive experiences that enable and can be shared. We realized early on that creating shared realistic XR experiences at 1:1 scale was important. What started as a gaming platform also became a useful work tool. Now our VR solutions are used by companies to facilitate decisions, to develop or sell objects and to be together independent of geographic location. 


Experience and create the adventures of your dreams

When we developed Slipstream, we focused on creating a pure entertainment section, like a virtual theme park for role-playing. In this park, themes such as Fantasy, Apocalypse, and Sci-fi are offered. Our goal is to further develop these worlds together with the players, so that they continuously grow with new adventures and experiences.

Product showcase and Educate

In many industries there are challenges with accessibility due to security or for other reasons. This is where Imitera's XR solutions can help. In the virtual environment, it is safe and easy to meet to share information, demonstrate a large machine or train and supervise.

Visit & Experience

Take a tour at the museum! With the help of photogrammetry (a technique for creating a 3D environment from photos) we can recreate environments for e g museums or other places. You can also use the technology to show a house or an apartment before sale, or to document before a reconstruction etc.

Visit Mars!


Do you dare to take a big step into the unknown? With Christer Fuglesang guiding you and your guests, you are in safe hands on the space expedition.

MarsQuest has been tested and approved by no less than four astronauts and all give the thumbs up, it's a well-approved space experience that will put your mettle to the test.

So far, no one has been left untouched by the planet
- Join us on an exciting mission!

Download your trip to Mars here!



Hoverblade is an exciting, fast paced multiplayer hoverbike racing game, set in the high skies of Megacity 13.

In Megacity 13, racing is illegal like in any other megacity, but the rewards are high and you're good at it. So when the call comes and the AR markings for the new course are laid out, you're there with the other riders – the void opens up below and the police are nearby

-It starts now...

Download here!

Virtual Car Shop

Virtual Car Shop is the ultimate mixed reality solution for car brands that allows customers to virtually inspect cars before making a purchase decision. Our app features 1:1 scale representations of the cars, user interactions, simulated reflections and a multi-user experience that makes it perfect for groups or families. Watch this video to see how Virtual Car Shop can help you find your dream car in a whole new way!




Imagine being able to play out your favorite adventures with your friends in a themed world of your choice. The player's "worlds" are based on different themes, such as Fantasy, Space, Wild West, Vikings, Apocalypse and so on. The stories you encounter in these worlds are not only told by us, but you can create your own stories, participate in them and lead your friends on adventures. You can also go back to the adventure, now as a director and make a film to share on your favorite social media platform. Our unique j-Walk system allows users to physically traverse the game world, this makes you feel more connected to the world/experience and that you are "there".

The Hallwyl Experience

Explore Hallwylska Palace in a whole new way, wherever you are. Experience a photorealistic environment where you can walk freely with our smart j-Walk system. Take part in a guided tour and experience the splendor of the palace, the mystery and elegance of history. Come and experience a timeless world where history meets modern technology - an experience you don't want to miss.
Welcome to Hallwyl palace in VR!


John Nilsson

John Nilsson

Founder, CEO, and Vision Supervisor

15 years of VR / AR development. Entrepreneur with a previous exit behind him with the VR product and innovation jDome BikeAround.

Peter Säll

Peter Säll

Game Developer & Project Manager

and programming with great interest in developing interactive, intensive and complex experiences, games and VR solutions. 5 years of VR development experience.

Sebastian Östlund

Sebastian Östlund


enior developer and co-founder with over 7 years of VR / AR development experience with also long game development experience. Master's degree in Computer Science at KTH.

Petra Kaur

Petra Kaur


Strategic and executional marketer, communicator and business developer with a demonstrated history from leading positions in a variety of companies in tech, digital health, life science and advertising industry.

Robin Olsson

Robin Olsson


Robin brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success, embodying our company's dedication to providing exceptional service and driving development.

Alex Grolle

Alex Grolle

Developer and 3D-designer

Programmer with a bachelor's degree in computer game development at Stockholm University. Creative problem solver when it comes to programming and with artistic talent.

Robin Strömberg

Robin Strömberg

SFX Designer

5 years of VR development with a strong sense of sound design. Educated at Xenter, Stockholm as an Immersive Media Producer.
Working with Level design and Sound Design





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