Imitera AB has developed and provides a platform that supports you who want to showcase your entire product range in a professional way in VR (Virtual Reality), with the personal meeting in focus.

The software is scalable and can be used on the most common VR headsets, such as Meta (Facebook) Quest and HTC Vive Focus 3.

Infinity Expo

With Infinity Expo, we offer Virtual Showroom, where you can visit car pavilions, hotels and resorts, museums, homes, houses; indoors and outdoors. The technology enables visualization for end users in a number of industries and industries.

Invite stakeholders and showcase your planned products, such as factories, machines, houses, apartments, cars, boats and kitchens. Real sales people and supervisors can meet customers and those who are going to undergo training, both on site and at a distance.

VR solutions (Virtual Reality) have recently become in high demand. Several large companies have, in connection with the pandemic, opened their eyes to how VR technology can solve several different types of problems that previously could only be solved through physical meetings. 

The market is estimated to grow to over $ 400 billion by 2030.

Slipstream: One platform - Two market segments

Behind Infinity Expo is our multi-user platform, Slipstream.

Because Slipstream is a simple interactive toolbox for trainers, salespeople, guides and designers, Imitera can focus on providing the company's environments and objects, which are interesting for the company in question to present to its own customers.


Construction Industry, Virtual Showroom for Industry and Capital Products (Factories, machines, houses, apartments, cars, boats, kitchens). Training for physical products, where real salesmen and supervisors meet together with customers and those who are to undergo training.

Xyagia - en verktygslåda för äventyr

Thanks to Slipstream's simple toolbox, we also provide a pure entertainment part, Xyagia, with themes such as Fantasy, Apocalypse and Sci-fi and more. Xyagia is a kind of virtual theme park for role-playing games, where users create adventures and expand the world, so-called User Generated Content, an important piece of the puzzle for a platform to be scalable. 

EnterPlace - a real meeting place in VR

EnterPlace is a meeting place for photogrammetric (a kind of scanned) environments, uploaded by our users. By meeting in photogrammetric environments, visitors can meet in real environments. With EnterPlace, you can showcase your house or apartment or visit historic sites and buildings with others.

Once again, our simple toolbox makes it possible to create scripts for guided tours that teachers or salespeople can have in front of them and quickly answer questions.


MarsQuest is not a game or simulation, it is a wonderful experience, showing people just how immersive virtual reality can be! As fun to experience first hand, as for those who are watching others do it – perfect for your home party or as a company event.

Godkänd av inte mindre än 4(!) astronauter, Däribland vår egen Christer Fuglesang, som guidar dig och dina gäster i den här upplevelsen, som kommer att sätta ditt mod på prov och inte lämnar någon oberörd. Vem vågar ta ett stort steg på Mars yta? 


Hoverblade is an exciting, fast paced multiplayer hoverbike racing game, set in the high skies of Megacity 13.

In Megacity 13 racing is illegal as in every other megacity – but the rewards are high and you are good this – so when the call comes and the AR-markers for the new track is laid out – you are there with the other racers – the void opens up below and police is nearby – the race is on…


Peter Säll

Peter Säll

Game Developer & Project Manager

and programming with great interest in developing interactive, intensive and complex experiences, games and VR solutions. 5 years of VR development experience.

Sebastian Östlund

Sebastian Östlund


enior developer and co-founder with over 7 years of VR / AR development experience with also long game development experience. Master's degree in Computer Science at KTH.

John Nilsson

John Nilsson

Founder, CEO, and Vision Supervisor

15 years of VR / AR development. Entrepreneur with a previous exit behind him with the VR product and innovation jDome BikeAround.

Alex Grolle

Alex Grolle

Developer and 3D-designer

Programmer with a bachelor's degree in computer game development at Stockholm University. Creative problem solver when it comes to programming and with artistic talent.

Robin Strömberg

Robin Strömberg

SFX Designer

4 years of VR-development and a great feel for Sound Design. Educated at Xenter as a Immersive Media Producer. Level Design and Sound Design.


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