Imitera – A touch of reality

We create professional VR and AR experiences with a focus on personal meetings and shared experiences. With our XR platform, we help companies increase value for the customer and the business through authentic experiences in a virtual environment.  

Virtual Showroom

Increase accessibility and experience with VR and AR

In Virtual Showrooms we bring drawings to life, make objects and places far away, or too dangerous to visit, accessible. Right here and now. We are passionate about realistic visualizations and human meetings. Our platform Slipstream bridges manufacturers and customers and is applicable on a range of different branches and industries. From space, car, boat, construction, travel industry to museum and architecture. VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) solutions unlock unlimited potential to share function and design in a realistic and playful way. A way to optimize various key processes, from production, training to sales and customer support. 

Slipstream – A virtual platform for real experiences

We created our multi-user platform, Slipstream, because we love virtual technologies that enable and share interactive AR and VR experiences

Because who doesn't want to go to Mars with Christer Fuglesang and walk around in new worlds?

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Demonstrate & Educate

Several industries meet challenges such as accessibility due to security or for other reasons. Here, Imitera's XR solutions can help. In the virtual environment, it is safe and easy to meet to share information, demonstrate a large machine or educate and supervise. 

Play & Create Adventures

When we created Slipstream, we also developed an entertainment platform, Xyagia, a virtual role-playing theme park with themes such as Fantasy, Apocalypse and Sci-fi. The goal is to develop the worlds together with the players to constantly grow with new adventures and experiences. 

Visit & Experience

Take a tour at the museum! With the help of photogrammetry (a technique for creating a 3D environment from photos) we can recreate environments for e g museums or other places. You can also use the technology to show a house or an apartment before sale, or to document before a reconstruction etc.


Visit Mars!

Do you dare to take a big step into the unknown? With Christer Fuglesang guiding you and your guests, you are in safe hands on the space expedition.

MarsQuest är testad och godkänd av inte mindre än fyra austronauter och alla ger tummen upp, det är en väl godkänd rymdupplevelse som kommer att sätta ditt mod på prov.

So far, no one has been left untouched by the planet
- Join us on an exciting mission!

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Hoverblade is an exciting, fast paced multiplayer hoverbike racing game, set in the high skies of Megacity 13.

I Megacity 13 är racing olagligt som i alla andra megastäder, men belöningarna är höga och du är bra på det här. Så när samtalet kommer och AR-markeringarna för den nya banan är utlagda, är du där med de andra åkarna – tomrummet öppnar upp sig nedanför och polisen är i närheten
– det är nu det börjar... Ladda ner här!


Peter Säll

Peter Säll

Game Developer & Project Manager

and programming with great interest in developing interactive, intensive and complex experiences, games and VR solutions. 5 years of VR development experience.

Sebastian Östlund

Sebastian Östlund


enior developer and co-founder with over 7 years of VR / AR development experience with also long game development experience. Master's degree in Computer Science at KTH.

John Nilsson

John Nilsson

Founder, CEO, and Vision Supervisor

15 years of VR / AR development. Entrepreneur with a previous exit behind him with the VR product and innovation jDome BikeAround.

Alex Grolle

Alex Grolle

Developer and 3D-designer

Programmer with a bachelor's degree in computer game development at Stockholm University. Creative problem solver when it comes to programming and with artistic talent.

Robin Strömberg

Robin Strömberg

SFX Designer

4 years of VR-development and a great feel for Sound Design. Educated at Xenter as a Immersive Media Producer. Level Design and Sound Design.


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