Ariane 6 VR-Experience by Imitera

Want to show off what your company is building for the Ariane 6 Rocket on location in French Guiana?
With our VR-experience you can!

In this day and age, the need to visually impress customers and other parties is paramount. With Imitera’s virtual around-the-clock Ariane 6 expo this is just a headset away. Meet customers inside VR and guide them “on location” in a full-scale virtual representation of the Ariane 6 launch site in French Guiana and show them the actual location of your products on the rocket.

It will be brand building and can have a positive effect in attracting and educating new talents to your company. As you do not have to be in the same physical space as the visitors it might even save you or a client a business trip or two.
It’s a safe and secure way to show your work at family events and expos.
Don’t miss out on being part of the first virtual expo of Ariane 6.
With VR the sky is not the limit!

Jessica Meir, the Swedish-American astronaut, is guided around in the virtual version of the launch site in French Guiana, displaying the full-scale Ariane 6 with an avatar as herself, during a visit at Universeum, Gothenburg.



Carolina Kalliokorpi (right), program manager for GKN Aerospace, guides the Swedish foreign trade minister Anna Hallberg and state secretary Krister Nilsson around the virtual Ariane 6, while visiting the GKN Aerospace plant in Trollhättan, Sweden


Unique benefits:

  • Easy setup for any employee
  • No technical knowledge needed for visitors
  • Users meet each other in VR as themselves
  • Over 15 million potential visitors, steadily growing
  • Can be both private and public
  • Meet over long distances
  • The experience is available around the clock, all year
  • Can be visited from an office branch or from home
  • Brand building
  • Personal or virtual guide
  • Reduce the number of trips for employees and customers
  • Full-scale and miniature models
  • Can be infinitely expanded
  • Link unique showroom for your other products



E-mail for your space in the Ariane 6 VR-experience!


Release January 31st on Meta Quest and Meta Quest Pro App Lab!