Nonesthic is a platform for the person who wants to visit places that has a historical and cultural value and really get the embracing feeling of being there.

The idea is that you from one app can choose your destination, our vision is that you can go from Roman Forum in Rome to Machu Picchu via the Louvre in Paris, why not even visit the historical places in its full glory back in the day? Well, that’s the dream and first out is the Hallwyll museum:

Get a taste of how the rich and famous lived their life around the turn of the century in this palatial residence. The Hallwyl family was one of the richest in the country, and did not spare any effort to combine classical architecture with all manner of, at the time, modern technology and conveniences. We are also introducing Jaywalk, a new room scale traversal system, that lets you walk around in the virtual world unrestricted. Designed for the Oculus Quest.