Pop-In & Play: Space journey

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Remember that you need the book, order it via the app or directly from the publisher.

Many children chooses computer games over reading a book. Now there is a new smart app, ”Pop-In & Play” to motivate children to read. With Augmented Reality technology (AR), we give published books new life, by transforming the pictures in them into magic ”windows”. Through these magic windows the reader is able to have a dialogue with the characters in the books and answer questions, finding the answers in the texts.

Our first installment is the children’s book Space Journey (Original title: Rymdresan)by Sweden’s first astronaut and author Christer Fuglesang. In the book Space journey you get to follow along the children Markus, Mariana and their uncle Albert, on a interactive adventure through time and space. But to help them succeed you have to find the clues by reading the book.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new or an old version of the physical book, our app works great either way, or as we say, just Pop-In & Play!

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