An imaginative roleplaying toolbox for community created adventures. As a natural progression of standalone VR headsets, we are making roleplaying a fully immersed experience. This is a game for everyone, from the curious noob to the seasoned Game Master, they all have a role to play. We can’t wait to invite you to SlipStream!

Soon to be released:

Nonesthic – featuring the Hallwyl museum

Get a taste of how the rich and famous lived their life around the turn of the century in this palatial residence. The Hallwyl family was one of the richest in the country, and did not spare any effort to combine classical architecture with all manner of, at the time, modern technology and conveniences. We are also introducing Jaywalk, a new room scale traversal system, that lets you walk around in the virtual world unrestricted. Designed for the Oculus Quest.


A VR party challenge game for Oculus Quest, who has the guts to walk out on the surface of Mars? Dare your friends to an ice breaking, conversation starting, courage challenging experience.