Reality Check

Different realities

There is still some discussion on which abbreviation should be used where – here is what we feel the differences are and mean:

Virtual Reality (VR) is when you step into another world.

Mixed Reality (MR) is when you bring virtual objects into the real world.

Augmented Reality (AR) is about providing extra/enhanced information about real world (or virtual) objects and/or events.

XR is an acronym encompassing all of the above. (eXtended Reality?)

Why is MR needed when the AR acronym exists? If you have two identical cups beside each other and one is real and the other is virtual – what is ”augmented” about the virtual cup? That what is displayed is a ”mixed” reality, right? If you instead had a real cup and the virtual information told you how high it is and how much liquid it can hold – that is ”augmented” reality – your view is ”augmented” and you get more information than you can get with reality only.

Mixed Reality vs. Virtual Reality

We at imitera believe that MR soon will saturate everyday life on a more or less constant scale, like the smart device has. This is why it will be bigger than VR.

Make no mistake – we think VR is supercool, but it is more of an escapism technology, like a movie – and even though we would like too – we don’t watch movies all the time. Our practical reality is more of, well, typing text documents.

When you feel more comfortable typing a Word-document, using MR instead of a real computer screen, and your colleague has no trouble seeing the same “reality” as you do – and it is available at consumer price – Mixed Reality is here.

But before that happens we want to show the world what it can be used for – both as an educational and instructional tool, as well as fun and games in our upcoming titles.

Tapping the potential of Mixed Reality right now

Some think that we must wait until there is an installed base of Mixed Reality devices for MR to happen. We at imitera know there already is a huge installed base for Mixed Reality applications – smart devices.

We at imitera have already made successful B2B Product Displays, using MR, but we believe it is possible to use it for more than that. That is why we have planned more then ten widely different titles which use Mixed Reality as a basis.

First out is a chess game, because we felt it is one of the most recognized game types out there, which means you can focus on the experience instead of both having a new experience and having to learn a new game. But do not let the game type fool you – there are a few twists, only made possible in Mixed Reality, which will excite several types of players – both young and old.

The future of reality begins… with imitera!

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